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Erikson doesn’t have a campus bookstore, so you can purchase your textbooks from any brick-and-mortar or online bookstore. The library may have your textbook available in print. Many textbooks are also available as an eBook.

  • Library options:

    • The Edward Neisser Library has at least one copy of required texts for most on-campus courses, kept at the circulation desk for use in the library. If there are multiple copies, they can be checked out. 
    • Many are also available as eBooks with options to save and download, though license terms vary. Use the "Course Reserves" feature in the library catalog to find what’s available in print or online for your course. If you don’t see your course listed, the library does not have any of the course’s textbooks.
    • Check out our "tag Cloud" to search for older editions of required texts via course ID numbers. Please keep in mind it is up to the discretion of each instructor whether they will allow the use of older text editions for each course. 

  • Purchasing Options:

    • To price compare online, you might find the site to be helpful. Other popular sites to purchase textbooks are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
    • To locate textbook information. visit my.erikson, the same place you register for classes:
  1. Under the Academics tab, select Registration and Course Schedules.
  2. Search for your Course by department or a word in the title (e.g. contains 'Social'). TIP: don't give it too much information, searching a single word in the title or by department will be more successful. 
  3. Select the appropriate section.
  4. You should now be viewing the Course Details page for your class, look for the Course Textbooks link. Click this and a new page will open with the textbooks list.  
    Screen Shot of my.erikson course display with course textbook link
  5. Textbooks are also listed in your syllabus and in the Readings section of your course in EriksonOnline. It’s a good idea to verify the textbooks listed in my.erikson match what is on the syllabus, and if you are unsure, contact your instructor. 

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